Friday Favorites: Sandals

It’s time to prep those toes because sandal season is officially upon us! Every year I look forward to the day where we can officially put away our boots and replace them with sandals. There are so many great sandal options out there this summer and one of my favorite styles currently is the gladiator or lace up sandal. There’s just something about them that give off even more of a summer vibe. But if those aren’t for you there are so many other options! I’m talking wedged sandals, slide on sandals, and even sandals with pom-poms hanging off of them (don’t knock them ‘til you’ve tried them)! So get ready and shop some of my favorites below!



Shop Favorites: 1. Lace Up Sandal // 2. Two Bands Sandal // 3. Wrapped Sandal  // 4. Wedge Sandal // 5. Multi Color Sandal


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