How to Wear: Band Tees

Those old band tees that our parents used to love and that we search high and low for today are becoming a staple piece of every “it” girls wardrobe. They add the perfect amount of edge that we’re all looking for in an outfit. There’s just something about that grungy meets chic look that these tees embody. But is there such a thing as too much grunge? Well if you’re worried about that I’m here to help, keep reading for some examples on how you can rock your band tee this summer!

17df7ad5db67948461c89204c2f34925Band tees and leather, the perfect combo. Leather will accent your band tee perfectly but it’s important to find the right leather piece. You can’t go wrong with a leather midi skirt. A leather midi skirt is the perfect silhouette to pair with a band tee. The length is key here; if you get too much shorter it might start to look more like you’re a groupie (and that is not the vibe we’re going for). Pair this outfit with a pair of killer heels, not only will they lengthen your legs but they add a chic element to your ensemble. Finish off your look with some chunky gold accessories.

Shop the Look: Band Tee // Leather Skirt // Heels


Shorts and a concert tee symbolize summer in a way. And with summer finally here there are so many rad pairs of shorts to choose from. For the perfect brunch outfit grab a concert tee and your favorite floppy hat and complete the outfit with a pair of zip up shorts. Make sure to tuck in the front of your tee so that people can see the detailing on the shorts. This gives your outfit a point of visual interest.

Shop the Look: AC DC Tee // Zip-up Shorts // Hat


You can never go wrong with denim shorts. Pairing your denim shorts with a band tee is a great summer combo, especially if you’re spending a day running around. Make sure to roll the sleeves of your shirt so that it doesn’t look too baggy, and if possible find a shirt that has a little more color to it. Now if you love layering like I do, I suggest finding a plaid shirt that matches and wrapping it around your waist. It’ll save you on those cooler summer nights. Pair your favorite sneakers with this look and you’re ready to walk out the door.

Shop the Look: Ramones Tee // Flannel Shirt // Denim Shorts

All images via pinterest


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