You are Beautiful

In a world where it seems as if all we do (especially girls) is tear each other down, I think it is extremely important to support and encourage each other. I love when I see people spreading love throughout the day, just one simple smile could make a world of difference. Which is why, when I came across the You are Beautiful movement I was instantly intrigued.

Matthew Hoffman started this movement and creates art installations all around major cities with inspiring messages including the “You are Beautiful” message. I think this idea is brilliant, and anytime I see “You are Beautiful” written on a wall in the city it instantly makes me smile.


Along with installations all over the city, there are also “You are Beautiful” stickers that can be purchased. the intention of these stickers is to have people buy them and then share them all around their city in hopes of spreading a little bit of happiness to everyones day. When I found out tees stickers were for sale you can bet that I went and purchased some immediately! And the packaging they came in sent just as awesome of a message as the stickers do!


If you love this idea as much as I do, jump on board and start sharing the message!

Get your stickers here:


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